Whiskey Wisdom: A Crisp Guide to the Cool Art of Being Interesting

Ray Harvey
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Always relevant, Harvey gives original answers to important questions — questions which matter in our daily lives. I admit now that some of these answers (‘Society is a system of individual relationships’) struck me at first as obvious — and then I realized that most answers are obvious, once you've already read them. Part memoir, part meditation, Whiskey Wisdom is at its core what can only be called a manifesto — one specifically aimed at misfits, malcontents, unorthodox thinkers, self-starters, school-leavers, hard-workers. Like a jackal writing poetry upon tombstones, it is a howling cry and call for anyone who would undertake the task to do this: think for yourself — and in so doing, make the unimaginable imaginable, the impossible possible, the unthinkable thinkable, the undrinkable drinkable.

James Cole, Professor Emeritus in poetry, University of Wyoming

Rich in its study of society and human cooperation, Whiskey Wisdom is at the same time a depiction of the bartending life by one who chose the nocturnal profession in order to pursue literature during the day…. I've had the great pleasure of drinking his martinis, and being astounded by his memory. [In these pages] you see firsthand some of the outlandish behaviors of that strange earthen creature called homo-sapiens under the influence of philosophy, economics, literature, lust, alcohol.... By turns witty, mordant, bitter, and lyrical, Whiskey Wisdom is one of the most unexpected yet most refreshing books I've read all year.

– Chilton Williamson Jr., author of The Homestead and Mexico Way

There's something refreshing about an independent thinker – and more: something life-affirming, life-giving. It may be the courage it takes to assume responsibility for the ultimate contents of one's own mind, especially when everyone about you disagrees.... This book captures that.

– Cynthia Reznic MD

[Harvey] writes that 'it is the withering critical sense that makes it possible to convince people that (for instance) they will be free only if they relinquish their freedoms—relinquish them and replace them with a system of all-around bureaucratic regimentation.' He is right. People imagine a regime in which all means are owned by the state, where the government is the sole employer, as a realm of freedom. What such people almost never take into account, however, is the possibility that in their dream system, the Almighty God of Government could aim at ends of which they themselves disapprove. Don’t let the fun cover of this book fool you: the writing is profound and powerful.

Patricia Hartman, author of Call Someplace Paradise and Ghost Town

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Relentlessly Optimistic 

Chapter 2. It's Not How Clever & How Smart You ARE -- It's How Clever & How Smart You Want to Be

Chapter 3. How to be Wickedly Charismatic

Chapter 4. The Awesome Power of Your Eyes

Chapter 5. How to Penetrate People's Brains as though You're Telepathic

Chapter 6. How To Charm the Pants Off Anyone Without Saying a Single Word

Chapter 7. How to Have People Dying to Hear What You'll Say Next

Chapter 8. How to Answer the Age-Old Question: What Do You Do?

Chapter 9. How to Become a Freakishly Brilliant Small-Talker

Chapter 10. How to Come Across as Diabolically Clever

Chapter 11. Ten Authentic Signs of Intelligence that Cannot be Faked

Chapter 12. Lynchpin

Chapter 13. Are You Fascinating?

Chapter 14. How to be Unforgettable

Chapter 15. How to be the Smartest Person in the Bar

Chapter 16. High-School Basketball Star

Chapter 17. What is Friendship?

Chapter 18. The Brown-Eyed Beauty of Distilled Spirits

Chapter 19. Whiskey, Whisky, White-Lightning, & Moonshine

Chapter 20. Waitress

Chapter 21. The Sudsbuster 

Chapter 22. "Whiskey is Merely Sunshine Held Together by Water"

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Whiskey Wisdom: A Crisp Guide to the Cool Art of Being Interesting

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